Daniel Dow is a Dutch-Scottish Director and Producer. His work is often emotive and cinematic in style.

Daniel's work for brands such as  LIDL (Stamppot), Amnesty International (My Last Day) and his two main campaigns for The Dutch Military have been awarded with multiple Cannes Lions, Esprix's, Clio's and Effies.

Over the years, Daniel has increasingly focused on developing Fiction and New Talent. In 2019 he produced short films Snor (Michael Middelkoop), Jetski (Sharif Abdel Mawla) and Kramp (Nils Vleugels). Currently he is working on De Nul (Joris Weerts), A Stranger From the Past (Jan Verdijk), De Verkiezing (Nils Vleugels), Ver Gekomen (Desiree Brands) and Voor Liefde Klik op F (VR) (Maarten Groen).